The founder of OH OH OM Yoga – 500hrs + Yoga Alliance certified Yogateacher & Yoga Bodyworker – trained in Goa, Sri Lanka & Berlin – sometimes also a sportswear Designer.
Passionated about ethical lifestyle and the human body. A lover of travel, food and yoga – in no particular order. Jenne spends her time planning Yoga Sessions & Retreats with another vibe through delicious food - live music or in uncommon venues. Jenne has a unique teaching style influenced by her travels and trainings with different teachers all over the world and her fascination about how our bodies work. Her classes are a blend of strengthening Asanas, flowing vinyasa sequences paired with fascial-release hands on adjustments as well as restorative Yin Yoga. Because Yin and Yang are one union and can´t exist without each other. „Yin creates Yang and Yang activates Yin.“ But most important: It´s all about fun! Get inspired, let´s put a big smile on your face & flow to nice music from one asana to another.


Sara is our girl for Sweden. In 2015 she went on this little adventure to Goa, India, where she learned and processed her Yoga style. Her dynamic, creative and flowing way of yoga is influenced by her dancing background. Sara is a professional dancer educated at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, Germany. That’s the reason why she loves to use music as a motivator during class. To her the most important thing in class is that you feel you are in good hands and that you get the help if you need it. “I am there to guide and support you, but also to push and help you to see what your body is able to do when you set your mind to it”.