Forrest Yoga and
 Bodywork Workshop

DATES  Sa 10.6 & So 11.6.

PLACE  Hamburg, Eppendorfer Weg 57a

COST  full weekend 199€ // full day (saturday only) 125€ // 3h morning intensives (Ceremony+Forrest Yoga practice) 39€

WHAT TO EXPECT  call it pure bliss for your body, call it feed your spirit or even make it a little Retreat for yourself in the midst of beautiful Hamburg.

LEVEL this Weekend is for everyone who wants to experience Forrest Yoga and the bliss of Bodywork and touch. We invite everyone to join us this weekend.

Postnatal and Prenatal welcome too! Jenne is an experienced poppy perinatal trainer*in 😉

Yoga teachers who want to expand their skills to give hands-on adjustments. Plus I am sure you will love to receive touch as well.

This workshop will be held in english.

DAY 1 MORNING a ca 2h juicy Forrest Yoga Practice with hands-on adjustments and a loong realxing Savasana and Bea will guide us through a ca 1h ceremony.

Twists and spine rotation to asses and free up the diaphragm, liberate our breathing and massage and stimulate the upper digestive organs, in particular the liver and gallbladder that are the focus pain of spring and wood season in TCM!

DAY 2 MORNING a ca 2h juicy Forrest Yoga Practice with hands-on adjustments and a loong realxing Savasana and Bea will guide us through a ca 1h ceremony.

Inversion practice, breathe and drills to unlock our potential! Inversions are the perfect playground to explore fear, stability , support.  Through breathing techniques, drills and biomechanics we can train our nervous system to stay in a calm and focused state, despite the challenges of being upside down,  unlocking our potential to maintain that sate through the challenges of life.

AFTERNOONS Bodywork Session – this part is designed to bring every layer of your body into a blissful state, to enhancing breath, bio-mechanics, and our relationship to touch.

Expect to release tension which you might hold in any part of your body. Bodywork is a means of communicating with another being through the medium of Touch.

We will guide you through some sequences addressing the relaxation of the nervous system caressing the head, neck, back and showing you Pathways to Savasana: You will learn techniques to guide the body into a state of deep relaxation.


Beatrice is a passionate and warm Italian with a love for life, Visual Arts, and Yoga, the embodiment of Art!

Jenne: she brings so much light in every room – she teaches me how calm the fuck down and laugh when I am getting in my very serious, very german working mode.

Beatrice is a Bodyworker, Yoga teacher, Ceremony facilitator, foodie, photographer, videographer, traveler with a passion for outdoor activities, and all things soul and nature, on a constant search for beauty, equilibrium, and truth.

Her background in contemporary dance inspired Beatrice to continue researching organic mindful movement, and somatic therapies, through the lenses of Yoga, Conscious Touch , Biomechanics and principles of TCM.

Beatrice is a nurturer by nature and she loves to nurture people’s potential.

Because all that we want to manifest in our lives, is on the other side of our chosen narratives.

WHO IS JENNE? here you go


I am absolutely stoked by this techniques. My first experience was back in 2018 when I attended a 10 days Bodywork Workshop and I was blown away by what it did to my body physically and mentally. I loved the safe space which was created and I described the feeling as walking on clouds or being on cloud 100. I learned so much about my compensation patterns, why my shoulder pain kept coming back. I did it again just 6 month later 🙂 The feeling in my body after those 10 days were so special and blissfull – I wanted to dive deeper. Since then I keep treating myself with Bodywork regularly. It helps me to understand and love my body. I teaches me how to give and receive touch in a healing way. I feel much more safe in giving touch as a yoga techer and also I learned how to express my needs when I receive touch.


Bodywork is probably one of the most complicated things to explain in words 🙂 To me it is a delightful concoction of massage , biomechanics, meridians and pressure points work , and intuitive somatic healing. Bodywork has been life changing to me, it taught me how to reawaken the intrinsic systems of the body that allow us to breathe and move with great ease, not just on the mat, but in every aspect of life! When we address and heal the somatic aspect of trauma, the release is liberating, that freedom and inner spaciousness is pure bliss! Through conscious, consensual touch, personalised work we can address and re-write the narratives we hold in our bodies to best serve our purpose!

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